qprob: Single-model quality assessment on the assessment of scores from probability density function

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Download the nr database for using the package: (it's optional, you can also have your own nr database or use the existing nr database in the package) Download nr

Cite the following papers:

Cao, R. and J. Cheng (2016). Protein single-model quality assessment by feature-based probability density function. Sientific Reports, 6: 23990, doi:10.1038/srep23990. [At Scientific Report website] [Web server] [PDF download]


June 16th, 2016. Program handle issue when length of absolute output path is too long.


Any questions, contact:

Renzhi Cao : rcrg4@mail.missouri.edu

Dr. Jianlin Jack Cheng : chengji@missouri.edu

Dr. Jianlin Cheng's Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, University of Missouri-Columbia